Ripley: The Evolution of a PiBot

I’ve often wanted to get into robotics but I’ve never had the money or the time but, with the advent of smaller, cheaper computers, maybe it’s time do finally do so. My first foray into this world is building an internet-enabled robot called Ripley (yes, I’m a fan of the ‘Alien’ films). Ripley will be built from a radio-controlled car as the base and a Raspberry Pi 3B. The Pi’s OS is currently Ubuntu Server 16.04 and the software will be written in C, with possibly some machine code thrown in for low-level device management.

I will document everything, hardware, code, results etc, on here for anyone to refer to if they want to do a similar project, as I am a great believer in Open Source and sharing.

Please note: I have no pre-built plans, no pre-written software, just a box of parts, a remote-controlled car chassis, a Pi 3B and thirty years of IT experience. It should be fun.

So, without further ado, we shall start.