Tesla Girls…

Tesla Girls: It was a title I thought long and hard about. Not only is it the title of an amazingly good OMD song but it also made me think.

What is a Tesla Girl? I have absolutely no idea but Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys came up with a wonderful song about them. Being a big OMD fan, I do, sincerely, hope they don’t mind me appropriating the title.

Nicolai Tesla was probably one of the original “mad scientists”, a group which included Einstein, Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, and many others.

To me, a Tesla Girl is a woman who can think “outside the box”, imagine the impossible and think about how it can be made possible. Not by imaginative technologies but by what is available.To turn those technologies to new uses. To look at something and turn it on it’s head and re-use it to do something different. A Tesla girl will look at a problem in a new way and find a solution utilising what is available.

Are there any Tesla Girls out there?

I hope so.


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