Forgive me? It’s been manic….

So, its now been three months since my last post on the Diary. My most sincere apologies to anyone who may read this. I’ve had a few housing problems in the past few months which have meant that work and finding a home have taken priority but now the home stuff is sorted. Even my first anniversary with TechStart passd me by!

So, we’ve been busy. We have a new Linux server, “Mother”, an Ubuntu server running Xen HyperVisor with two VM’s, both Windows (one running Win2k8 Server and the other Win2k12 Server), with “Central” still around as the main server (holds all the FSMO roles). The nice thing is, with my VPN, I can set up new servers from home, so I can get them installed and tested before going live with them.

We have a nice, shiny new Meraki public/company wireless system from Cisco. It really is better than what we had, with finer control, multiple SSID’s, and a shed-load of reporting. And it didn’t cost us a penny.

I am also introducing a new open-source EPOS system which has both POS and Inventory systems and, with a bit of code-tweaking, I should be able to integrate our open-source helpdesk system into it as well. Both utilise MySQL databases, but one uses Java and the other uses PHP, so an API may be needed unless I can link the databases in such a way as to enable the helpdesk system to access customer data and vice-versa with the POS system. Either that, or I use the Java system to write a whole new helpdesk. Now that would be fun. Actually, I may just do that, just for a laugh. We’ll see.

In other news….. A bit of gratuitous advertising:


Yup. A sale. £40 will get you one of our Core2Duo or AMD Athlon II X2 based machines with up to 4 Gb RAM, 80-250Gb SATA HDD, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (although some are 32-bit), MSE, LibreOffice, 17″ monitor, keyboard and mouse. So, if you’re in the vicinity of Aldershot and are looking for a machine, then get yourself down to TechStart.


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