This business of reconfiguring the network is not always as easy as it seems (and I have done many network builds and upgrades). I must admit, I think I did utter a Clarkson-ism at the beginning, along the lines of “How hard can it be?” which, in my experience, is probably the worst thing to do. Overnight, the clone image copy failed. I couldn’t figure out why until I managed to connect back into the new server this morning. I looked in the event log and found multiple instances of a kernel power problem. This normally results from either a CPU problem or, in this case, a BIOS problem. Unfortunately, this particular BIOS problem caused several spontaneous reboots, as evidenced by corresponding event log entries. It still doesn’t let me off the hook as regards my previous noob mistake as that was most definitely caused by an automatic update reboot (I’m never going to live that down, am I?).

BIOS problems are not always easy to fix as errors in the BIOS code are not readily self-evident. Sometimes it can be something as blatantly obvious as misreporting a hard drive specification or booting from a USB key when a DVDRW is specified but sometimes, as in this case, its more subtle. The problem was solved (I hope) with a simple BIOS update. Fortunately we’re not using this particular server to run the domain, just to store all the FSMO roles and the Active Directory, while I install Linux and then the Win2012 virtual server (not, as I was trying to do today, install Win2012 only…..whoopsy).

So, onwards and, hopefully, upwards.


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