And So It Begins, Badly…

(Content Warning for sarcasm and stupidity)

It was a good start to the working holiday. I connected via VPN to the servers with the full intention of beginning the data copy from the current server to the backup. I RDP’d into Central, made sure that no-one else was using the system, checked the amount of data I needed to copy and promptly realised that I had nowhere to copy it to! I hadn’t switched on the backup server. Whoops!

The next day I went into the shop and made sure that the backup server was on and functional, both NICs were plugged into the correct networks and I could log in both locally and via RDP, and went home and tried again. The company data copied ok as did most of the customer data. Unfortunately problems occurred when it came to the cloned image subdirectory in the users directory. Each of the image sub-directories failed during the copy process, seemingly because of a network error. This led to the file copy failing. I left it running overnight, (where it again failed), and continued with it this morning. With 79Gb left to copy, I felt a hope of an easy completion but, to my despair, the backup server disappeared and the backup failed. Not knowing what had happened, I pinged the servers. The VPN was still active and Central responded fine but the backup server didn’t respond on either of it’s NICs. This meant that it had gone down completely. It was then that I realised my mistake, my big, glaring, idiotic error. I began kicking myself as it was a mistake only a noob would make. When I had built the server I had left the Microsoft Updates on auto, meaning that any update that required a reboot would automatically restart the server, and that is what had happened here. I felt like a complete idiot.

Cheeks flaming with embarassement, I waited for the server to come back up, checked it was fully working and switched the updates to manual. I then restarted the backup, missing out the clone image directory. The reason being that we didn’t actually need this directory any more. Its now contained on one of the Linux servers. The user data copy eventually completed correctly, vastly reduced in size due to the removal of the images subdirectory (140Gb down to 45Gb).

I am now in the process of copying the clone images from the cloning server, but this is via an SSH  session into a Linux server CLI and copying to a mounted network drive, so is more resiliant.

Hopefully, by the time I get in tomorrow morning, everything should be ready for the fun to begin.


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