Thats The Holidays Sorted Then…

I posted a while ago about sorting out the servers to virtualise some of them so that we could save money. Yeah, it hasn’t quite happened. This is mainly due to the boss being off for a while after surgery, (he’s back now, like a boss), and the massive influx of repairs over the last few weeks. Add a new group of (very good) volunteers into the mix and getting the servers rebuilt seemed to fall out of the equation. I had thought about working on them over a weekend but that would leave me with little time to test and work out any problems, plus I needed the time to recuperate. This means that I have scheduled this job for the Christmas holiday, while the shop is closed. That should give me plenty of time to work and test and have things running by the time we re-open.

Fortunately I can do much of the work from home via VPN: formatting hard drives, copying user data, configuration, building VM’s. I have a permanent link to the servers. I should only have to go in to change physical connections, re-arrange hard drives (need to install some big, chunky terabyte ones), and install the OS’s, (plus maybe moving over the FSMO roles). I will also need to test the client machines. The VPN is handled by our firewall server which I won’t be changing, apart from updating the rules.

If looking after the servers was my only job, then this would have been done ages ago over a weekend. I’ve upgraded live systems before, while in use, with downtime measured in minutes, (mainly the time it takes to reboot a server usually), and very little disruption to users, (reboot and login again).

I also need to reconfigure the public access wireless, but that’s another little story.

So, thats my holidays sorted then.


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